As the founder of a start-up, you must expect to put some serious hours in, the onus is on you to and ultimately, the success or failure of the project rests with you and the work-life balance is going to be strained.

That’s why it is vital you find your passion and make that into your business, otherwise the tiniest rejection or set-back can knock you off course and back to your comfort zone. But we’re better than that, aren’t we?

This article is timely because if you’re like me, you’re currently having to balance your dedication to your start-up with your responsibilities as a parent. It’s half-term so the kids are with me but that’s not an excuse! We just have to work a bit smarter. If you interact with potential clients across the globe, do a bit of world clock analysis and work out who you can communicate with after the kids have gone to bed. For example, my business has clients in every time zone so evenings are the perfect time to talk to members of the community in Australia, New Zealand or the Western United States. It’s so easy to Google the time zones so take 5 mins and work out who you can target late at night.

Similarly, I make videos for my YouTube channel but if the kids are whizzing around, I save those ideas and write an article instead. No point trying to achieve the unachievable which leads to both stress and time loss. The other funny thing I realised a few months ago was that I can actually focus well in a busy play centre. Bizarre I know but I can only put it down to the fact that my brain shuts down the crazed screams of the kids to such an extent, I actually go into a zen-like state. I’m being serious, I can get some serious reflective thinking done in such environments. I’m lucky and more than likely, unique in this sense but you can still find a way of working around your kids and still get work done. What is your method? Have a think about it. Then do it more!!

Remember, the reason why you’re boldly following your career dreams is to make a better life for you and your family – so totally contradictory to feel stress because you’re with the kids. Embrace it, make it part of your strategy because more than likely, many of your prospective clients are in a similar position and will resonate with your authenticity when it comes to real-life issues. Zero point pretending to have it all under control when me, you and the dog know that’s not the case.

So we’re at this point where we want to live a real life which works for us rather than working for someone else who is making money whilst our lives disintegrate. I lived this life throughout my army career where a common phrase is ‘the army comes first, family a close second’. Clearly, this is not going to be a popular concept with most people but we still adhere to it. This is not isolated to just the military, many industries take a similar stance. However, people are starting to reject this idea and instead seeking a far better work-life balance. The internet and social media, where most of us spend a significant part of our day, allows each of us to be a business owner, running a business based on our passions which is far more obtainable and satisfying than climbing the greasy pole in our current careers. We just need to figure out what our passion is and then have the courage to go for it. Have a read of my article on Self-Awareness or check out my videos on for more on this.

Some of you may say that you have too many responsibilities to do this, that you have mouths to feed, bills to pay. I’m not saying to walk out of work today and not go back. It’s a methodical approach and I know it works because I’ve done it. I have three children and bills etc but I have courage and the drive to make my dreams a reality.

I also 100% started at the start and figured out who I was first, which lead on to a clear plan. I then committed myself to the execution phase, testing and adjusting as I went along, but never faltering. Even if it failed, I’d be able to look at my kids and say I tried, and tried!! They’d learn a far more valuable lesson there than seeing that their parent had an idea but never plucked up the courage to make it happen.

You can do this, follow your passion and make a career for yourself which allows you to have a far greater work-life balance than ever before.

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