How is it nearly May already? where’s the year gone? We all work too hard and should be seeing more of the world. An amazing trip does you the world of good. But where? There’s so many places to choose. First, what is the best way of deciding where to go? Should you go long haul or stay in the UK? Then what about the cost too! You have to sort out the budget but still, it’s important to get away and see some of the wonders of the world. To see the canals of Venice, the wonders of Rome, the grand canyon and the pyramids to name a few. Actually, just realised you can. In Viva Las Vegas. Las Vegas in my opinion has it all and it’s only 9 hours on a flight. What is on the Las Vegas Strip? A collection of the most impressive hotels from The Bellagio and The MGM Grand, to smaller and cheaper hotels off the main strip. It’s true that Vegas never sleeps, there’s a lot of partying, gambling and people watching.and Is it too hot in the Vegas summer? Yes, I thought so. The hotels all have aircon and some of the streets have demisters but it’s hard to stay out during the day. So Vegas at Christmas maybe! It’s still warm and crazy but not too hot. Because away from the strip there’s so much to do. You can do a road-trip to The Grand Canyon or you can fly down into the bottom of it in a helicopter to be served a Champagne breakfast. Either way, it’s a must to see. Alternatively you can drive over to California to break up the trip. So if Nomad were recommending a trip this year, it’d be to fly into Vegas, stay for a few days and catch a show, then head into the desert. Las Vegas Inspiration

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