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An ex-Army veteran who had a breakdown after suffering from PTSD is now hoping to help others on the road to recovery. Loz Moore, 36, who is from Stockport and now lives in Hyde, joined the army in 2006 – serving with the Cheshire and Mercian regiments – and did tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. But he was discharged in September last year after he struggled to cope and says his life ‘imploded’. ‘I was based down south at the time and my kids were in Stockport and I was trying to keep up my relationship with them, my marriage and my career – everything was spinning out of control. I went into quite a dark place for about two years and I couldn’t find anything to help me. I had therapy but it was not fixing the elements of me that needed to be fixed.’ 


Loz says he started to use alcohol as a crutch and eventually his marriage broke down and he left the army. ‘It’s hard because the army sends you home on sick leave and you lose your sense of identity’ he said, ‘You go from being someone with a lot of responsibility and authority to just sitting on the sofa. It is quite a miserable experience. I realised I was declining quite quickly and I needed to find a way to fix me before it came to something like suicide’. Loz identified that the things that made him feel better were being around people who shared the same problems, doing adventurous activities outside and reconnecting with his spirituality. ‘I was the guinea pig in my own experiment and I started to realise I was onto something’ he said. ‘I can now say that I am completely recovered and have never been in a better place’ He has moved back up north, given up drinking and repaired his relationship with his three sons – and now hopes to help others. Loz has set up Nomad Adventure Therapy, an online support community and he posts videos with tips that have helped him and also runs bushcraft courses. He said, ‘It’s about reconnecting with nature, but you don’t have to go to the Himalayas to find peace, you can go to your local park. ‘Anyone who wants to get involved can do’. For more information visit www.nomad-at.com

The article was written by The Stockport Express who can be found here

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