When we are trying to move from A – B in life, there are several elements we must consider. Firstly we must understand exactly where we are, then we establish where we are trying to get to and also create a plan of how we will get there. However once we begin to carry out our plan, we need to ensure that we have faith to keep us going as the plan starts to unfold. It never happens quickly so patience really is a virtue. However, if the plan is sound and you truly know where you want to go, it’s worth the effort.

So how do we find and maintain faith? Well first of all, have an assessment of what beliefs you already hold. Have you been introduced to a religion? Do you still follow it? Why not? What were the parts of it you truly believed in and which parts were you less sure of? Have you found a replacement? If not, why not?

It is well worth looking at the various religions and spiritual practices out there so you can find something which most resonates with you, if there is not one particular area, then you can create your own perspective and understanding of spirituality. You can look to those aspects which stand out to you, what you believe in. That way you can begin to build or reinforce your sense of belief which will keep you going when times are hard.

This is where divination tools come in, such as runes, astrology and tarot. These are a way that you can focus your attention in order to listen to your inner guidance and help to make decisions, stay calm and try to make sense of what is going on around you. You can take a course both face to face or online, you can read about it or you can use the wealth of resources available to help give this support.

One of my favourite websites is trusted tarot which has an incredible online tarot card reading which is really quite accurate and very reassuring. The reading provided really allows you to focus on where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Enjoy the journey!

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