Humanity has a unique mix of inherent attributes which allow the creation of a masterpiece. These attributes are displayed more strongly in some than others which is fine as we also have the capability to share these strengths, something which sets us apart. Einstein didn’t create The Theory of Special Relativity alone, nor did John Constable create ‘The Hay Wain’ in isolation. They had the creative vision to bring a thought into reality but in order to do that, they had to communicate it to others in order to make it happen. The paints which were used by someone whose life journey was to create the perfect tones of paint, the paper which was created to write or draw upon was developed by others whose calling was to do such.

So the creation of a masterpiece is a combination of a vision which forms in the mind of an individual and is communicated effectively so others can support its development. Therefore what we must learn is that whilst we all have a plethora of amazing thoughts, it is the planning and execution which turns them from dream to reality. However, before we can get started with the planning, we need to connect with our creativity in order to receive that inspiration about what we are meant to create. Let me explain how I achieved this.

We can take it that a masterpiece follows a series of steps, starting with creativity. Well some people are more creative than others, right? Actually no, it’s more that we all have access to that infinite source of creative thought but whilst some nurture it, others block it off. In order to develop our creativity, we must open ourselves up the ocean of creative thoughts swirling around us. Listen to music, paint, write, whatever takes our fancy. It doesn’t matter if our initial attempts are less than perfect, like anything, we must repeat and learn in order to improve whereas creativity is creativity. It’s as simple as turning the tap on, which we do by engaging with creative pursuits. Not sure what to do? Just recall what you liked doing as a child, before your creativity got stiffled by life.

How do we know what to create? Much like activating our creativity, knowing what to actually create is very much an internal event rather than something we can pick up externally. We experience the external world and so by observing what interests us and what does not, we can through a process of elimination determine where our efforts should flow. This however is a very personal quest and cannot be undertaken without brutal honesty. If we decide that we like something because thats what society expects us to like, it won’t work. If we do this based on how we wish to be perceived by others, it won’t work. This has to be in line with our authentic selves. Only then will we be able to align with our source of creativity.

In my experience, I knew I wanted to help others and that has not changed. I knew the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’, ‘when’ or ‘where’. So I repeatedly failed despite my best efforts. Not because I was incapable but because I wasn’t correctly aligned with my life purpose. Through that process of elimination which led me to understand where I should be headed, my focus began to sharpen. I spent a lot of time learning about myself, understanding what my drivers were and combining what I was good at with what I was passionate about.

At this point, it all clicked. Everything falls into place when you are in alignment with your life purpose. I understand now that at that moment, everything began to flow. With that understanding came a realisation that our only task is to become aligned. Aligned with the universe, with our destiny, however you want to describe it. For years I had thought that I knew best, that I had the answers to what I was trying to acheive. Therefore I exterted effort, manpulated and tried to play God in order to get the desired results. But things always went wrong. Why? Because my efforts were focused in the wrong direction. I wasn’t being true to myself and therefore was basing my desires on external influences.

I did realise that. Amidst the frustration I was still able to logically analyse the problem, removing factors affecting my decision making until I was left with just me. It was actually quite revolutionary because once I had nothing influencing my decisions, I only had myself to rely on and if I was being truly honest with myself, I could admit that my thinking was sometimes flawed. Eureka! Change your thinking and create new outcomes. I essentially started again from the ground up. However this time I was deliberate and patient. Every time I added a new layer, I ensured that it felt right. If not, I removed it again before it became too embedded. With this method, I slowly but surely re-built my life, my hopes, aspirations and therefore life purpose.

My masterpiece draws on all the experiences I have had up until this point. It makes me believe that nothing happens by accident. Even if we don’t understand why something happens at the time, it eventually will. If we accept this belief, then everything in the past and the future is more acceptable. Rather than trying to direct blame, point fingers or explain outcomes, we can simply accept that whatever is going on is part of something greater than us that we are not yet prrivy to. When something feels so right, it has to be. And the confirmation came when life became easy, simple and for the first time almost effortless. Its like I have set the conditions and the bearing and now can just experience the ride rather than fighting against the rudder. I still have to play my part though, put the effort in, check progress, make sure i’m still heading in the right direction. Assessing red-herrings is a big part of my life now but I have the experience to do that effectively.

So this is how I started my journey towards creating my masterpiece. It’s no where near finished yet and I’m sure some more refinements will occur along the way but that’s fine because I’m accepting that this is the way things work. The right people turn up at the right time to provide what I need and I just stand as the light to which others gravitate, listening to their own intuition to connect us. Sometimes I’m giving, other times I’m receiving but every day the path is moving towards that masterpiece.

So what happens when that masterrpiece is created? Well I guess I’ll create a new one. What is yours going to be? I hope you are as excited about it as I am for you!




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