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Background / History

Loz Moore was born on 3 February 1981 and spent his childhood in the village of Marple Bridge, Stockport. With the stunning Peak District and vibrant city of Manchester equidistant, he quickly learned to adapt to any environment. His father Tommy had served in the Parachute Regiment so naturally Loz gravitated towards a military career, albeit not before a slightly wayward youth. Coming from a broken home and attending the local comprehensive didn’t stop Loz from thinking big so following a degree in Military History at Salford University, he applied for a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. It was here that he began to develop the inspirational leadership style which made him such an effective and fearless leader.

Loz is father to three boys, Jake, Leo and Eli who regularly join him on his adventures and share his passion for the outdoors.


In 2006 Loz Moore completed the arduous 52 week Commissioning Course at the world renowned command and leadership institution, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, along with HRH, Duke of Cambridge. He successfully commissioned into The 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment, joining the unit in Northern Ireland for the final tour of Operation BANNER, the British Army’s controversial 38 year deployment in the province. Over the course of the next decade, Loz was at the sharp end of the ‘War on Terror’ leading men in Iraq and twice in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

In 2010 Loz was involved in numerous firefights and IED blasts which led to the on-set of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and his eventual medical discharge in late 2016.

These cataclysmic experiences, the complete disintegration of his life and eventual recovery form the basis of his post-army career. He has successfully established the ‘Nomad Adventure Therapy’ ( brand which includes a veteran’s charity project and mentoring business based on his own life experiences and unique methodology for fulfilling your potential.


Moore has always marched to his own beat, seizing every opportunity to explore the world. At 18 he attended the Camp America programme spending a summer on Donald Trump’s Long Island summer camp starting a life-long affinity for the States. He then spent a year in Detroit as part of a university exchange, exploring the East Coast as well as Canada.

Army life provided many adventures in far flung locations from walking along the beach with penguins in The Falkland Islands to bumping into the side of an elephant in the Kenyan bush. More recent adventures include snowboarding in New Zealand, sky-diving in Cyprus and travelling Europe in his motorhome. He wants to live as a caveman in Utah this autumn.

Personal and Charitable Interests

As a lover of nature and the outdoors, Moore chose to qualify as a Bush Craft Instructor which he uses as a back-drop to veteran’s recovery activities, Team Building courses and also to teach his local Scout group.

He is an avid reader of military history, biographies on leaders and as a guilty pleasure, Andy McNab novels.

Military life has instilled him with a focus on outdoor fitness and circuit training which Loz has developed into his own Adventure Fitness style which is perfectly suited to obstacle course racing, mountain biking and other extreme sports.

As Founder of Nomad Adventure Therapy, Loz feels it his duty to lead from the front in helping others recovery from mental health issues, using his own recovery methods which is centred on spirituality, nature and self-improvement. 

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Sniper Platoon Commander, The Mercian Regiment
  • Afghan Cultural Advisor
  • Director, Moore Sales Group Leasing Ltd
  • Director, Nomad Adventure Therapy CIC
  • Director, Nomad Outdoors Ltd
  • Has written a book about his recovery journey

Speaking Style

Amusing, enthusiastic, informal, passionate, story-telling

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