Every donation makes a difference

Your support allows us to help our veterans get back to living rather than just surviving. They joined the military in order to protect us and many have struggled to re-join civilian life. We must create a powerful community of people united by one goal – helping them back onto their feet. We are all part of the Nomad movement and whether we give one day’s training or a donation, we are helping. If that’s not possible, we are always looking for volunteers to help on projects and events.


Get Involved

Anyone and everyone has the ability to contribute to our cause. We have a clear aim, which is to help alleviate any mental stress and suffering to not just ex-veterans, but the immediate families that PTSD sufferers effect.


Whether it’s giving your time or expertise, there are a great many ways you can help out. Get in touch and let us know what you can offer.

Work experience

Do you have the capacity to give one of the veterans some work experience? Let us know and we’ll find a suitable candidate.


If you can deliver any training courses, whether vocational or adventurous, please let us know. We’ll arrange the location and get everyone there for you.


Any products, services or professional advice is a great way for you to get involved. Not only are you helping out but also achieving your corporate responsibility goals. Donations are a great way of recycling resources and we will use whatever you give wisely.


Perhaps you’d like your company to become involved in a specific event or activity. Could you envision your sponsorship of a bike ride across the UK or an overseas expedition? Get in touch and we will create a bespoke event for you.

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