Over every mountain there is a path


Our Mission

Nomad will walk with you every step of the way over every mountain in your path. We’ll show you how to reach for the top and take in the view. You’ll realise that you are great and know that all in front of you is available and within your grasp.

Our Intent

We intend to help individuals and groups from all walks of life to fulfil their true potential.  We create and deliver bespoke and holistic approaches to self improvement.

Fulfil your potential with simple to follow advice from Loz’s personal experiences.

It can be seen that self-awareness is vital to improving all elements of your life. Once you become self-aware, you will understand who you are, what you want, what’s holding you back and therefore how to move forwards. We talk here about how to begin the process of becoming self-aware

With our bespoke and holistic methods, we can help everyone from a veteran struggling back onto their feet to the owner of a start-up wanting to optimise their performance or a leader who wants to get the best from their team. Check out some of the elements of the Nomad approach below!

Enable individuals and groups to come together so they can share experiences and identify how to overcome challenges and move forwards.

Provide outdoor activities including Bush Craft to allow groups to use nature as an environment in which to develop performance and self-awareness.

Promote spirituality and wellness as a vital component of self-improvement which is to be combined with sound planning to ensure success.

Help those who have hit rock bottom to re-gain confidence and get back to where they belong.

Provide bespoke performance development training for you and your business.

Develop a community which allows Nomad members to continue to support each other on an enduring basis.

Provide the tools required for an individual to create the life they deserve through our unique 3 Steps 2 Freedom programme.

Provide the tools for an individual to create the healthy relationships which are vital when improving other areas of your life.

Help develop the correct mindset in regards to health and fitness within nature as a key to self-improvement.

Stockport Express Article

Army vet with PTSD who is helping others Read the article here
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Self-awareness, the key to success!

Energy cannot be destroyed, it merely changes from one form to another. I remember being taught that at school. In the same way, when we start out on a new journey, we use energy. Energy to plan, energy to prepare, energy to move. All along the journey there are...
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Finding the work-life balance

As the founder of a start-up, you must expect to put some serious hours in, the onus is on you to and ultimately, the success or failure of the project rests with you. That's why it is vital you find your passion and make that into your business, otherwise the tiniest...
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So now we’ve decided to go live with Nomad, we are in unchartered territory. It’s pretty unnerving not having a regular wage, well any wage at the moment but you have to have faith. If we’re doing the right thing, then surely things will fall into place. In a previous...
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Whether you belong to a sports team, a business or a military unit, you have to form into a cohesive collective in order to get the best results. A common understanding and common language is vital to a team developing a shared way of working and being together. Any...
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Reading for betterment

For today’s post I decided to tell you about the books I have been reading recently. Whilst I have an interest in military history many of you may not. However there is a great deal that can be learned from such books which can be applied to the business world....
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Don’t Settle For Second Best

For people in the military or security industry, life is full of changes. We move locations regularly, divorce rates in the military are twice that of civilian jobs and also career change is necessary for everyone. Therefore we more than most need the ability to...
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Leader of Men

I’m a leader right? I spent a year at Sandhurst, the prodigious leadership academy which is a rite of passage to every British Army officer. I sat through numerous lectures on leadership, I have a handful of certificates stating that I’m qualified as a leader. Oh and...
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My Story | Loz Moore Pt 1

HOW IT BEGAN Growing up I was obsessed with my father’s memorabilia from his time in the Parachute Regiment during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. That along with his stories was enough to confirm to me, as a boy, that I wanted to join the army. It’s a dangerous...
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My Story | Loz Moore Pt 2

A photo posted by Loz Moore (@nomad_adventuretherapy) on Aug 31, 2016 at 12:34am PDT A photo posted by Loz Moore (@nomad_adventuretherapy) on Sep 10, 2016 at 1:17am PDT A photo posted by Loz Moore (@nomad_adventuretherapy) on Aug 29, 2016 at 1:20am PDT HITTING BOTTOM...
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Evening of Angels 21 April 2017 7pm -10pm

Come and join us for an Evening of Angels with Nomad Adventure Therapy and Romiley Lightworker.

Our Psychic, Caroline will be bringing you messages from the Angelic realm in this inspiring session.

We’ll also be serving food which you can enjoy with drinks from the bar.


Nomad Psychic Supper Event 23rd Feb 2017

Come and join us for a Psychic Supper in support of Stockport Veteran’s Charity, Nomad Adventure Therapy.


Mind Body & Spirit Event March 25, 2017

Nomad Adventure Therapy is a Manchester based charity project created to help veterans with mental health issues to re-gain their confidence and get back onto their feet.


Mental Health first aid course. 19th DECEMBER 09:00 - 17:00

Mental Health first aid course

Conference room, The Forum, Tameside Business Park, Denton M34 3QS

Coffee and biscuits provided. Bring money for lunch

10 places available



Good to Talk

Speaking with Loz and some of the other PTSD sufferers help and I just wanted to say thanks and I hope to see you again.  

'No Excuses' is an awesome video

Thank You Loz! I’ve just launched my dream business and was struggling recently. I’ve just watched your video ‘No Excuses’ and it’s given me the motivation I needed!

Thank You!!

Brilliant evening . Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou xxx

Inspirational Leader

One of the greatest men I have served with…. very inspiring

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice and knowledge from your experience. Your story is an inspiration. The overall sense of accomplishment that comes with self-discovery on a personal level is clear!!

Great Content!

I’ve been reading through your site and watching your YouTube videos and I really admire the work you are doing. I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on figuring out my passion and purpose, that’s where I found you! I look forward to reading and listening to more of your great content!!

Your words heal others!

You have opened up your heart Loz, to heal others, thank you so much xx

You have to listen to this guy!

Nomad is sharing some great messages to those who suffer. I respect Loz and his mission. Doing great things to help others. You’re the man Loz, one of the realest men out there!

Much Respect

Thank you for all you’re doing. Your outside of the box thinking will save a lot of people who are struggling.

Interested in getting involved?

Veterans: We understand that you will all be at different stages in your recovery journey and would never ask you to do anything you weren’t 100% comfortable with. Just like our facebook page and get more involved as and when you’re ready!

Partners: We’d love you to join our community. You can offer your time, experience or give a donation, we’ll snap your hand off and make full use of it. Maybe you’d like to act as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for us and we’ll send people your way if you can support them to a higher standard. Or maybe you love what we’re doing and want to become more substantially involved in Nomad. Whatever it is, get in touch and we’ll discuss what we can do together!



Titanium – The hard as nails element: A fight for survival both in foreign lands and within the mind.

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