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Our Mission

Nomad will support service leavers throughout their transition through the delivery of programmes covering every critical point of the transition process. Recovery – Resettlement – Employment

Our Intent

We intend to use our experience of successful transition from the military to support other service leavers to do the same. We offer proven routes to overcome mental health and addiction issues to entering into the civilian work environment.

Completely Free Peer-Support

Having felt the loving embrace of those who helped us back onto our feet, this zero-cost support is our way of giving back. Spread the word, it may save someone’s life!

Check out some of Loz's videos which cover all areas of his Wellness teachings. There's far more on the Nomad YouTube channel

It can be seen that self-improvement is vital to improving all areas of your life. Once you become self-aware, you will understand who you are, what you want, what’s holding you back and therefore how to move forwards. With just a few on-line coaching sessions with our mentors, you’ll be able to see things in a whole new light.


Good to Talk

Speaking with Loz and some of the other PTSD sufferers help and I just wanted to say thanks and I hope to see you again.  

'No Excuses' is an awesome video

Thank You Loz! I’ve just launched my dream business and was struggling recently. I’ve just watched your video ‘No Excuses’ and it’s given me the motivation I needed!

Thank You!!

Brilliant evening . Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou xxx

Inspirational Leader

One of the greatest men I have served with…. very inspiring

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice and knowledge from your experience. Your story is an inspiration. The overall sense of accomplishment that comes with self-discovery on a personal level is clear!!

Great Content!

I’ve been reading through your site and watching your YouTube videos and I really admire the work you are doing. I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on figuring out my passion and purpose, that’s where I found you! I look forward to reading and listening to more of your great content!!

Your words heal others!

You have opened up your heart Loz, to heal others, thank you so much xx

You have to listen to this guy!

Nomad is sharing some great messages to those who suffer. I respect Loz and his mission. Doing great things to help others. You’re the man Loz, one of the realest men out there!

Much Respect

Thank you for all you’re doing. Your outside of the box thinking will save a lot of people who are struggling.

Your videos help so many

I wanted to let you know that your videos help so many people, me included so keep them coming!
You can only begin to get well when you are prepared to do whatever it takes, no sooner. When that moment arrives, we can show you the way. Check out some of the elements of the Nomad approach below!

We know the pain and isolation that people feel when they suffer in silence. We don't judge, we don't compare, we just give support and an ear.

We can recommend outdoor activities to allow you to use nature as an environment in which to connect with a strength greater than yourself.

We promote spirituality and wellness as a vital component of self-improvement which is to be combined with sound planning to ensure success.

Our on-line sessions will help those who have hit rock bottom to re-gain confidence and get back to where they belong.

Our 3 Steps 2 Freedom method is completely unique focusing on a holistic approach to self-improvement.

Follow Loz's journey on Instagram @Loz_the_Nomad to join our community of like-minded people.

We start with the basics. A solid foundation allows you to build a new life with the right priorities.

We'll help you deal with past relationships and find the love and happiness you deserve.

We'll help you develop the correct mindset in regards to health and fitness within nature as a key to self-improvement.

Spirituality – The cornerstone of faith

When we are trying to move from A - B in life, there are several elements we must consider. Firstly we must understand exactly where we are, then we establish where we are trying to get to and also create a plan of how we will get there. However once we begin to carry...

Not Sure Where Your Life Is Headed? | How To Fulfill Your Life-Purpose!

Humanity has a unique mix of inherent attributes which allow the creation of a masterpiece. These attributes are displayed more strongly in some than others which is fine as we also have the capability to share these strengths, something which sets us apart. Einstein...

Love Coffee? | Here’s Why Coffee-culture is the Future

I’m sat in my back garden this morning savouring two things, the uncharacteristically long spell of warm sunny weather and my mug of coffee. This is a daily ritual for me nowadays. I wake early so I have time to meditate on the day ahead, set myself goals and...

Becoming Your Authentic Self

This article describes how you can release your desire to please others as the basis of happiness and in fact focus on putting yourself first.

Startups and Combat Operations are comparable in more ways than you’d realise!

Startups and Combat? Wow that's a strange mix wouldn't you say? I mean, how could you possibly compare starting up a business venture and going to war? Well, that's what I am going to explain in the following article. Firstly, my experience in both combat and business...

Self-Improvement – The Endless Quest to Keep moving in a positive direction

So why is Self-Improvement so important? What does it even mean? Self-Improvement is defined as 'the improvement of one's knowledge, status or character by one's own efforts'. Therefore it is a continuous process that cycles through our lives allowing us to maximise...

Zero Expectation is something I have realised you must have and it’s liberating

Zero Expectation refers to the latest lesson I have learned in my journey from professional soldier to fully fledged civilian. Let me explain what I mean! Recent weeks have given a very interesting opportunity to re-assess the direction my...

The Importance of Wellness and why everybody needs it in order to succeed in life

Wellness is defined as 'the state of being in good health, especially as a pursued goal'. But what about health? Health is defined as 'the state of being free from injury or ill-health'. Makes sense, we're talking about good health right? Not quite. You see health is...

What’s it like in Las Vegas? We at Nomad want to tell you why we chose Sin City

Las Vegas is the place to go and we at Nomad want to recommend Sin City for your 2017 adventure

Stockport Express Article where Loz Moore from Nomad discusses his PTSD Journey

Full Article An ex-Army veteran who had a breakdown after suffering from PTSD is now hoping to help others on the road to recovery. Loz Moore, 36, who is from Stockport and now lives in Hyde, joined the army in 2006 - serving with the Cheshire and Mercian regiments -...


Evening of Angels 21 April 2017 7pm -10pm

Come and join us for an Evening of Angels with Nomad Adventure Therapy and Romiley Lightworker.

Our Psychic, Caroline will be bringing you messages from the Angelic realm in this inspiring session.

We’ll also be serving food which you can enjoy with drinks from the bar.


Nomad Psychic Supper Event 23rd Feb 2017
Come and join us for a Psychic Supper in support of Stockport Veteran’s Charity, Nomad Adventure Therapy.


Mind Body & Spirit Event March 25, 2017
Nomad Adventure Therapy is a Manchester based charity project created to help veterans with mental health issues to re-gain their confidence and get back onto their feet.


Mental Health first aid course. 19th DECEMBER 09:00 - 17:00
Mental Health first aid course

Conference room, The Forum, Tameside Business Park, Denton M34 3QS

Coffee and biscuits provided. Bring money for lunch

10 places available


What is on-line Wellness Coaching?


We want to help so an initial 15 minute call either on the phone or on Skype will allow us to introduce ourselves and learn a little more about you. You’ll see straight away that you’re in good hands. 

We’ll then arrange with you the most suitable time to start Wellness Coaching. This again will be over the phone or Skype. We will look to understand what’s going on in your life across the following key areas which will help to understand your life purpose.

Money and Finance 

Health and Fitness  

Love and Relationships

Spirituality and Career 

      It can vary from person to person how long this process will take but once you start, you’ll realise how beneficial it is. You’ll also receive downloadable tools in between sessions to help with everything from financial planning to creating a nutritional and fitness plan. There are worksheets to help define your Core Values, how to plan properly and how to understand your correct career goals. Everything you need we’ve got you covered!


3 Steps 2 Freedom – The Book which will change your life.

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